Friday, 7 December 2012

Election Day in Ghana!

For some reason this picture hangs in the staff loo at work.  I had it in mind for a blogpost today because I thought it was from Ghana - and today is election day in Ghana.  At the last election, Lindsay Whitfield argued that there were a lot of similarities with the US elections that had preceded them.  I'm wondering if that argument holds this time too?  I was intrigued to hear some radio coverage suggesting that Ghana's new oil production had changed the terms of the debate and that policy (i.e how to spend the oil money) had taken a greater place than previously.  Mats Utas' blog emphasizes party loyalties rather than policy debates though. And this blogpost from African Arguments also questions that suggestion.

Anyone have any good images from this year's election that they'd like to share?

Oh, and the poster? A close look reveals that it's from Nigeria.  A lesson there for always checking the source (more on this in future blogs).

Edit:  And right on cue here's a blog calling Akuffo-Addo the Mitt Romney of the campaign! I'm not sure that's fair, or even a useful comparison.  But I totally agree with the blogger on the interesting aspects of An African Election, the film about the 2008 election.

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