Friday, 7 December 2012

"Some people are afraid of an election."

Newsday Zimbabwe  is reporting Mugabe's speech from the ZANU(PF) Conference: "Some people are afraid of an election.".   Not surprising.

March 2008
These posters from 2008 give a sense of the tone of debate, and why indeed many people are afraid of an election.

This 'classic' poster to the right is from the original March election and very much resembles posters from pre-2000 elections. 

But I wondered if the two below were from the run-off election that was held in June.

They were all taken in April.  Anyone recall if this 'generational' approach is right?

The posters here were all photographed by Busani Mpofu, who was doing fieldwork for his PhD in History at Edinburgh, but who kindly agreed  to 'feed' my curiosity about election ephemera. 

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